Maritime Connectivity


Manta Port:

The port is located in the city of Manta, one of the most important cities in Ecuador. It is the first tourist, maritime and fishing port of Ecuador.
Considered as a main port, located in a strategic area of ​​tourist development, with easy access and natural draft which facilitates the arrival of cruise ships.

Port of Guayaquil:

The port of Guayaquil is considered the main commercial port in the country and the second in the celebration of international cruises. The Port has a strategic location for visitors.

Bolivar Port:

Puerto Bolívar is a seaport that belongs to the canton of Machala in the province of El Oro. It is the second port of shipment for bananas, after Guayaquil. With a privileged location, Puerto Bolívar is located in the province of El Oro. Protected by the Jambelí Archipelago, it is only 4.5 nautical miles away from the sea buoy to its berths.

Port of Esmeraldas:

The port of Esmeraldas is located in Las Palmas, just 8.3 kilometers away from the port of Esmeraldas to the airport (30 minutes), it has adequate infrastructure to receive cruise ships.



Cruise passengers that docked in Ecuador in 2019

Destination placeNumber of passengers
Port of Guayaquil8432
Port of Manta15922
Port of Bolivar936
Port of Esmeraldas936

For the year 2022, 3 expedition cruise ships arrived at the Port of Manta with 519 cruise passengers, 3 expedition cruise ships with 519 cruise passengers also docked at the Port of Guayaquil, 1 cruise ship with 516 cruise passengers arrived in Puerto Bolivar, and 1 cruise ship arrived with 516 cruise passengers. an expedition cruise with 228 cruisers.

Cruise passengers that docked in Ecuador in 2022

Destination placeNumber of passengers
Port of Manta519
Port of Guayaquil519
Port of Bolivar516
Silver Port228

With regard to January to December 2022, a total of 35 cruise ships are planning to call at Ecuadorian ports, hence, 52% plan to arrive at the port of Manta, followed by 29% at the port of Guayaquil, 17% to Puerto Bolívar, and 2% to Isla de la Plata, considered a port of call.

It should be noted that the itineraries are updated according to the confirmation of each shipping company.